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Ramadan & Your Period

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Muslims around the world just finished celebrating the month-long sacred holiday of Ramadan. It started Monday June 6, 2016 and continued through Wednesday July 6, 2016. Devout Muslims believe that during Ramadan the Qu’ran – the holy book – was revealed to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad.

During this holy time, Muslims fast during the hours of daylight, they are not allowed to eat or drink at all. In addition to the fasting, they also undertake extra prayers and worship, as a way to get closer to Allah, improve your morality and character.

If you are a girl or woman one of the worst things that can happen to you during the month of Ramadan is getting your period. Why? Because you are not allowed to fast or pray until it’s over which by default affects your ability to get closer to Allah, improve your morality and character and basically blocks your blessings., wrote a piece six years ago, called “Taking on your Period During Ramadan,” which is still one of the most popular stories on their site “It was exciting to empower younger Muslim girls that we weren’t excluded during one of the most important months of the year just because we were women” said Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, the founding editor of

The Huffington Post recently posted a piece What’s It’s Like To Have Your Period During Ramadan, which explores more of the stigmas, shaming and emotional stressors around that time of the month and the Holy Month.

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