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ImageMaker: Isolde Brielmaier

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Isolde Brielmaier is an international curator, writer, cultural content producer and creative consultant who has the ability to take all forms of art and integrate it into multiple platforms.

Brielmaier was born to Austrian and Ugandan parents in Seattle. The mom of one lived a culturally diverse life. She went to high school in Hamburg, Germany, where her mother’s family lived and spent time in eastern Africa with her Ugandan grandmother, whose style and spirit greatly impacted her,

“She wore dresses in bright patterns with strong ruffled, pointed shoulders with matching head wraps every day. I remember this quiet, graceful, strong woman who seemed to glide across the ground as she moved.”

Her diverse upbringing gave her a strong understanding of cultures and was reinforced, while she was at Columbia University working on her PhD :

“the idea that people of different cultural backgrounds and belief systems can come together to discuss shared ideas through art. I love working with artists. Artists are our eyes and ears of the world, and I pay very close attention to what they are doing, thinking, and making.”

She was bitten by the artistic bug at very early age at her public school where the arts were part of the everyday curriculum. Her first love was dance and trained in classical ballet and modern dance and pursued seriously for a few years at Dance Theater of Harlem and Alvin Ailey’s dance studio. As the love of danced waned, she transitioned into another art form. Instead of studying dance in college, she majored in history and sociology and set off her new creative course and career. She started out small, curating intimate exhibitions and then started teaching and curating at institutions like Vassar University, SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design. As her repertoire experience grew, she began curating international art exhibitions and consulting athletes and entertainers on how to purchase art.

Curating small exhibitions in the SoHo section of New York, Brielmaier was eventually asked to teach at Vassar University. What was supposed to be a one-time thing turned into a five-year career as a visiting professor. In the past, Brielmaier advised athletes and entertainers in purchasing contemporary art.

A true renaissance woman, she seamlessly splits her time between the public and private sector. She serves as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Photography and Imaging at New York University and continues to work on a range of cultural projects that bridge both the public and private sectors.

She’s also currently the Director of Arts & Culture at Westfield World Trade Center, which launches August 2016 and includes cultural events, artist projects, a partnership with the New Museum, artist grants, as well as public school programming, all integrated with the latest technology. Situated in about 350,000 square feet of space of the Oculus, the free and open to the public, birdlike centerpiece of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub – it will be more than just a new retail district. It will be a forward thinking fusion of art, ideas, fashion, culture, visionary architecture and culinary ingenuity. It was formally called The Mall at the World Trade Center, located in the concourse area of the former World Trade Center before it was destroyed on September 11, 2001. Brielmaier says, “My hope is that everyone who moves through this space will be inspired by unexpected and enriching cultural experiences.”

In addition to supporting arts eduction, she’s committed to global women’s issues and criminal justice reform.

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